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Almond Tracker

was created as a tool to bring greater efficiency, accountability and transparency to our Harvest process. Through the use of web-based management we are able to monitor all steps of the harvest from "Field Run" loads generated in the orchard through delivery of "In Shell" product to the Handler. Real-Time alerts are generated in the form of text-messages and emails alerting each load that comes across the scales.  A cumulative data report is stored in a secure web-based client portal for each grower or user to review at any moment’s notice.


Walnut Tracker

gives the opportunity for growers to keep record of every load that leaves the field in real-time on a web-based platform. Bantam Walnut Tracker can be used for tracking incoming and outgoing loads from the field to the dryer and to the handler. By tracking each incoming load and outgoing load from the dryer, grower’s can have a peace of mind that all loads are accounted for.  As an inventory control solution whether you are a grower or a processor Bantam Walnut Tracker allows real time information of their commodity and tracking of each load effortlessly and efficiently.